Sunningwell’s Wraparound Care Clubs are open to all pupils at Sunningwell from Reception to Year 6, the programme of clubs, and relevant costs are detailed on the timetable below.

Bookings can be made via Arbor up to 48 hours prior for After School Care and 72 hours prior for Breakfast Club. Sufficient credit on your account is required prior to booking.

Breakfast Club runs from 8am until 8.40am every morning, (breakfast included) each child will then be taken to their class to start the school day. The cost for each Breakfast Club session is £5.00. Spaces are limited to 10 children per day for Breakfast Club. Children should not be left unsupervised outside the school and should be handed over to the member of staff in the room.

Afterschool Care Club costs £4.50 per session, per child. After school clubs are limited to 20 spaces.

Children should be dropped off/collected from the entrance to 9 ¾ classroom. Due to Health & Safety requirements from Oxfordshire County Council please do not park in the staff car park when dropping off/collecting your child from club.

Any clubs not booked online will cost £10.50 per session instead of the normal charge, which includes a late booking fee of £6.00 per session.

Wraparound Care Booking Instructions

Wraparound Care Policy

After School Care Club – Rota and Club Details

3.15-4.15 Staff Cost per Child 4.15-5.15 Staff Cost per Child
Monday Sports Mrs Nutt £4.50 A.S.C.C Mrs Nutt £4.50
Tuesday Sports Mrs Nutt £4.50 A.S.C.C Mrs Nutt £4.50
Wednesday Art Mrs Nutt £4.50 A.S.C.C Mrs Plumb £4.50
Thursday Computer Mrs Plumb £4.50 A.S.C.C Mrs Nutt £4.50
Friday ASCC Mrs Plumb £4.50


Pictures of the School Badge recreated by members of the Friday ASCC.

A very creative replica of a coffee cup (other brands are available), made by a member of the Breakfast Club.