“They cannot stop me. I will get my education, if it is in the home, school or any place” – Malala Yousafzai

March 2021 Update

As we have now returned to school, and the situation is improving across the country, we as a school have decided that any child/family that is having to isolate, work will be individually provided to them by the school.

Distance Learning

During these uncertain times, as a school we understand that there may be times that as a family you and your children may be required to isolate. We need to play an important part in helping you through these times by continuing to guide and assist you in your children’s education. We have, therefore, compiled some resources that you may wish to access at times convenient to you. We feel that these resources provide a solid base to continue your children’s education without putting too much stress on family needs. Some of the resources may need your supervision or input. We are not proposing to provide specific lesson plans for your children to follow, due to the sporadic nature of the requirement to isolate.

Each day, we would expect children to complete:

  • A session from the ‘Take 5’ literacy guidance for their class.
  • Watch and follow a video from the ‘White Rose Maths’ website.
  • Reading independently, or aloud to an adult/sibling.


Please use the following resources and guidance to support you in this. If the whole class ‘bubble’ is required to isolate home learning will be set by teachers using Google Classroom. Please contact the school if you have any specific questions regarding your children’s education during isolation.

Maths Resources –

White Rose Maths is the maths scheme we follow in school, they have created online resources and videos to be used in conjunction with the scheme for children to use remotely. Please use the following link to access these resources www.whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/   

Then watch the video (either on your own or with your child), the work should take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete, the video guidance can be used to support your child as they work through a lesson.

Additional resources –




Literacy Resources –
Power of Reading – Take 5
  • Please see class specific guidance for literacy, which focusses on an extract from a book. Each PDF contains a week’s worth of activities.

Literacy – Class 1 – Stanley’s Stick

Literacy – Class 1 – Blue Penguin 

Literacy – Class 2 – Rapunzel

Literacy – Class 2 – The Secret Sky Garden

Literacy – Class 3 – The Ice Palace

Literacy – Class 3 – Moon Man

Literacy – Class 4 – Dark Sky Park

Literacy – Class 4 – Running on Empty

Additional Writing

Here are some suggestions for writing tasks you can set your children:
– Write a letter to a neighbour, family member or friend.
– Write instructions for how to make something (you could get ideas for crafts from youtube).
– Write a diary.
– Write a newspaper report about an important event.
– Research and write a fact file about a topic, such as an interesting place, an important person, or a cool animal.

  • Hopefully your child will have a school reading book with them which they can continue to read. When they have finished reading that book, they can move on to read other books you have at home.
  • Children’s reading should be recorded in their reading records.
Alternative Reading

As we are unable to change children’s books during this period, here are some suggestions for how else you might encourage you children to read:
– Read a recipe when cooking.
– Read key words in a newspaper/magazine.
– Read picture books which you have at home.
– Read old books they have read before, even if they are quite easy.
– Read to your children and talk about the story together.

Please also use these websites to support reading at home:




Letters and Sounds is the Department of Educations phonics programme and have created video lessons to support school closures. These can be found here

– Click on the set of lessons for your year group.
– Choose a lesson to watch.
– Watch and take part in the activities.

General Resources –





Staying Safe Online

From the beginning of the COVID situation children have had to work at home. Many have used Google Classroom and other online resources to carry out their studies. We have already sent information about some of the dangers that children might face online and ask now, that parents continue to be vigilant about this in the case that children need to quarantine or that all or part of the school is closed down and we need to move back to online learning. In this event…

Parents please

  • Ensure that your child has a quiet place to work
  • Make sure you know what your child is doing online and think about filters to protect them https://www.nspcc.org.uk/keeping-children-safe/online-safety/parental-controls/
  • Check that if classes are live that your child is dressed appropriately and ready on time
  • Think about what others can see in the background if your child has a camera on his or her devise
  • Talk to your children about what they should do if they come across worrying or upsetting content. Hopefully they will talk to you about it or they can report directly to Child Line 0800 1111 or online to CEOP (https://www.ceop.police.uk/ceop-reporting/)
  • Think about the ‘Appropriate Use’ agreement and encourage your child to post thoughtfully
  • Have a look at https://www.bbc.com/ownit if your child feels anxious about online issues. It’s also a good place for parents to learn more about the online world from a child’s perspective.

Covid-19 National Lockdown 2020

The pictures below celebrate all the amazing things that Team Sunningwell did whilst in National Lockdown during the Covid-19 Global Pandemic.

Although Schools have now reopened to everyone, we are conscious there will be times when families will need to isolate and we as a School would like to give the children resources for continuing their education throughout these periods. We are in the process of building the package for these links and this page will be updated with more content shortly.

I quick video link for you to remember how to stay safe , but don’t forget to stay safe online too. Remember the SMART Rules!