School Ethos, Vision and Values

I will show you my faith by my works. (James 2:18)

As a Church of England school the Christian ethos is at the heart of the school and the school motto runs through all that we do and achieve at Sunningwell.

VISION AND VALUES Our school vision is to ensure that everyone understands that their actions have power. Even the youngest members of our community will be supported to be self-efficacious, affecting their own destinies, those of others and influencing the future of the world. Our vision is inspired by the words in James which call all to action. We also embrace the story of the Good Samaritan; we will not pass by on the other side. We are part of a global community and stewards of the world, responsible for the future and must act to shape its course. Our values, Perseverance, Friendship, Forgiveness, Trust and TOBY (Think of Others Before Yourself) are also considered through actions. We support our children to Persevere in their work, not to fear failure but to understand the growth that can be achieved through struggle. We hope that our children will learn to build good relationships; friendships, know their value but also be prepared to forgive and be forgiven. We hope that we foster a sense of belonging for both children and their wide families. Children will have opportunities to build trust and show trustworthiness through roles and responsibilities. TOBY is often linked by the children with ‘treating others as you would like to be treated’ (Matthew 7:12). Through each of these values we hope to support the children in our care to be active participants in shaping their own and the world’s future. We will offer our children a range of opportunities to develop their understanding and practice of these values, including regular acts of collective worship to become forces for good and global citizens. Our curriculum will be inspiring and inclusive, created and delivered by staff who are committed to continuous reflection on and development of their practice.


Collective Worship

This daily period enables both staff and children to join together in reflection, praise and celebration.

Monday – Worship with Values

Tuesday – Worship with St Leonard’s

Wednesday – Worship with Music and Song

Thursday – Worship and Sharing

Friday – Worship with Values

Every other Tuesday we are joined in Worship by a group of volunteers from our local churches who come to and bring a story from the Bible alive through drama for the children. The children are encouraged to actively participate in the story telling either as part of the audience or by joining the group on the stage. On alternate Tuesdays we also have a visit from St Leonard’s Reverend Rob whom the children love seeing, again Reverend Rob brings stories from the Bible alive for the children through storytelling, drama and song.



Our connections to the local community extend out to local Care Homes, where the children will visit and sing songs to the residents. It extends to visits and collaborations with other local schools, in particular we are very lucky to have a fantastic relationship with Abingdon School. We also work closely with the local Arch Readers, who we see every week visiting our children to make crafts, play games and read together.

We have several links to both local and national charities, and regularly raise monies for them through non-uniform days, Brick a Brack sales and coffee mornings.



In November 2023, the School underwent the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS), in which it was deemed to be “living up to it’s foundation as a Church school”. The Inspector stated that the schools “Christian vision and associated values inspire pupils and adults to consider the impact of their actions on others. As a result, everyone is empowered to positively contribute to the happy and caring setting that is Sunningwell”


Fundraising Activities

Above are two pictures from some of our fundraising activities over the year.

The first one is from the #HelloYellow, Young Minds charity campaign where the children had to wear yellow for the day, Class 1 were lucky enough to have a surprise yellow visitor too!! Here at Team Sunningwell we are strong supporters of healthy hearts and healthy minds. We were also lucky enough to have a representative from The Salvation Army come in and explain the works of the Salvation Army to the children, they then created a red paper chain heart to represent one of the ethos behind the charity.

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