Who are the ‘Friends of Sunningwell?’

This is the Sunningwell Parent Teacher Association.  Our role is to raise money for the School. We actively welcome everyone at our meetings and events.


What do we raise money for?

Our aim is to raise money to spend on the little extras that make Sunningwell such a special place for our children. In the past our funding has gone towards children’s playground equipment, additional classroom materials and a new sound system for the school.


How can I help?

We know everyone is busy and we welcome as much or as little time as you have to offer.  We hold meetings approximately monthly, where we come up with fundraising ideas and plan the details of the next events. We always need volunteers to help out with functions that we are running, or simply email us any ideas you’ve had for how we might raise money. The more fund raising we can do, the more we have to benefit our children.

For details of our next meeting and forthcoming events please go to the School Calendar.