Team Sunningwell has four Houses, the names of which were selected by the children and are based on people who have been associated with the school or who are currently associated with the school.


Current House Points

0 Points 0 Points 0 Points 0 Points


House Points Awards

1 House point – good effort/work/behaviour

2 House points – very good effort/work/behaviour

3 House points – fantastic effort/work/behaviour

5 House points – an extra special achievement


House Names and Captains

  • Hall – House Captain – Ivo
  • Honey – House Captain – Sophia
  • Jewel – House Captain – Mason
  • Evans – House Captain – Barney


House Rewards

At the end of each term the House that has been awarded the most points for that term will be awarded a special treat,

The Termly Award winners will be given a special treat in recognition of their hard work.