At Sunningwell our pupils have a voice through the School Council

The election process takes place every September for the academic year ahead. Each pupil has a vote and in a “first past the post” voting system a boy and a girl representative is elected from each year group in Key Stage 1 and 2. Meetings are Chaired by Mrs Dell and are held every term, any issues can be raised by talking to the Council Representatives.

This years representatives are as detailed below:

Year 6 – Noah & Tiana

Year 5 – Barney & Layla

Year 4 – Seth & Ada

Year 3 – Robbie & Emily

Year 2 – Sammy & Seren

Year 1 – Jack & Amelia


When the Council Representatives were asked ” What do you like most about your school?” some of the replies were as follows:

“...that everybody gets along with each other

“...nothing! School is perfect!!!”

“…my friends and teachers.

“ much you can learn in one day.