Inspired by on one of our school values, Friendship, and part of a Global Learning Project focusing on international themes which include learning about other cultures, places and events outside the UK , our school has established a link with George Enescu School in Sinaia, Romania

During the 2016-2017 academic year, the children from the Reception class at Sunningwell School and the children from the Reception class at George Enescu School, Sinaia started a project, celebrating culture beyond borders. They found out about the similarities and differences between both cultures through storytelling, drama, music and art. 

We celebrated together the International Children’s Book Day , by giving the children from both schools the opportunity to communicate via Skype and  use drama as an act of expression. The Reception classes had fun acting out a famous story for each other. Under the theme ‘Things that make me laugh’ the children exchanged drawings and paintings that were later on displayed in both schools. 

The Global Learning project inspired the children to celebrate cultural diversity through drama, music, art and dance, as “our cultures, our traditions and our languages are the foundations upon which we build out identity”.
We wish to continue and strengthen the friendship link between the two schools during this academic year. The children from both schools will be involved in a number of projects, some of them related to seasonal festivals and celebrations. These will cover:
· Winter through poetry and pictures (February 2018)
· Mother’s Day  (March 2018)
· Making an academic calendar , each month illustrating school activities the Reception children were involved in (July 2018) 
· Pen friends – Year 1 children from both schools will exchange letters and establish friendships.
· Teaching approaches and methodology – teachers from both school will look at  various interactive teaching methods  (June/ July 2018)  
· Setting up a small English library in George Enescu School, enabling the children to read books in English and become familiar with British story writers. 
We look forward to continuing this collaboration between the two schools, encouraging the children to learn about another culture, find out about the aspects that both cultures have in common and celebrate the differences that make us unique. 

International Mother Language Day – 21 February 2018

In 1999 the United Nations proclaimed they wanted to preserve and protect the languages of the world, used by the people of the world, and since then an annual celebration has been held called “International Mother Language Day”. We may be a small, rural school but we are a school of many languages, and as part of our Global Learning Project we wanted to acknowledge this and celebrate with the rest of the world. Parents and Teachers joined together to help teach the whole school about the languages that we speak, being Ghanaian, Nigerian, Persian, Italian, Hungarian, Arabic, Romanian, French, Chinese, Nepalese, Spanish, and Swahili.