Next Spinney Dig – Saturday 29th February – 9.30am- 12 midday


Our next Spinney dig is this coming Saturday, do come along to our very first leap-day session. 9.30 till 12 as usual, with refreshments.

The previous day, Fri 28 Feb, at 9 a.m, Bob Evans, Chair of both the School Governing Body and the Abingdon Area Archaeological and Historical Society will be making a presentation to the school about the whole Spinney project, there will also be a display of some of our more interesting finds. All supporters are very welcome to this event. 

January 2020

Despite having a Christmas break from digging, the project is going well. We have nearly exposed the entire length of the cottage, although we are still unsure of how deep the cottage is. Unfortunately as much as we would like to dedicate all of the digging time to excavation, we are inevitably hindered by the continual growth in the Spinney and the surrounding area of the cottage. Indeed a large cobbled path leading to the cottage has become quite overgrown. So any help on the morning of the scheduled digs is very much appreciated. 



A video interview with John Tolson, talking about Shrieve Cottage bricks, its a very interesting watch!

John Tolson has also prepared a trailer to show what we had been doing at Shrieve Cottages, which is shown below 








February 2017

We are still working very hard to continue our excavation towards the chimney stack. Amongst the bricks we have discovered a coin, which we will endeavour to clean up and let you know the specific details of the find.


November 2016


We were very excited during this dig, in our aim to clear the area from the room to the chimney, we have made some new and interesting finds. We have started to unearth finds of oyster shells, which have a history of being found at other archaeological sites in the area. We have also finally uncovered a red brick, of which we have found rather a lot, which holds a manufacturers mark.  



We are very lucky to have attached to the school a piece of land which was purchased by the “Friends of Sunningwell School” to provide us with an area for outside learning. The site used to house “Shrieve Cottage” which was demolished c.1943. It is our ultimate aim to provide the school with a raised platform area where lessons can be undertaken, however, first we wish to uncover the foundations of the cottage along with any archaelogical finds that we may come across to help us improve what we know about the cottage and the local area. We are priviledged to have the Abingdon Area Archaelogy and Historical Society help us with this huge task. Below are a few photos of the digs to date. Please contact us if you can help us in any way with this project.