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Spring Term

Happy New Year! We are looking forward to a new term with new topics in Class 3. In literacy, the book we are reading is called ‘The Abominables’ by Eva Ibbotson, which is about a family of yetis who live in the Himalayan mountains. We will be developing our descriptive and creative story writing skills as we read the novel. In maths, we are learning how to multiply and divide large numbers, so times tables have been very helpful! Last term, we made a game which puts our times tables to the test, and we will continue to play this every Wednesday, so keep practising! Our new topic is ‘mountains, rivers and coasts’. We will be finding out lots about the natural world and how it is formed, including using maps to identify different features of a landscape.

Class 3 have enjoyed their well-earned break, and are excited about the new term ahead. We are about to start reading a new book called ‘The Stone Mouse’ by Jenny Nimmo, which we will use to help us develop our descriptive and story writing. It will also give us opportunities to think about and discuss how and why other people feel. In maths, we are about to start our fractions topic, we will be doing lots of active maths, investigations and applying it to real life contexts. Our new science topics are rocks and states of matter. We will be studying the different types of rocks and learning about how fossils are formed. In PE we are going to be playing lots of hockey and netball, thinking carefully about the skills we need for these team games. In art, we are continuing the acrylic animal prints which we started before our ‘home’ competition pieces, which will be entered this week. We’re hoping to be able to spend more time learning outside this term if the weather permits!

Autumn Term

This half term in Class 3 our topic is Ancient Egypt. We have found out lots about how they lived and what life was like. In literacy, we have now finished reading ‘Oliver and the Seawigs’ by Phillip Reeve, and we are about to start reading ‘Mouse, bird, snake, wolf’ by David Almond. We will be doing lots of talking and writing all about the book, and we will be analysing the illustrations of the graphic novel. In maths, we have now moved on from place value, and have begun learning about addition and subtraction. We have already learnt different ways to add big and small numbers, and used our understanding of addition to help us with problem solving.