Morning Drop Off

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Dear Parents/Carers
We have received some complaints about parking in the lane and children arriving late because of parents not ‘dropping and going’.
Can we please ask that if you use the ‘drop and go’ area that the children are ready with all their things to get out of the car quickly, without the need for parents having to help the children collect things from the boot of the car. The idea of the ‘drop and go’ area is to speed things up for everyone in the mornings. We encourage all children in Year 1 and above to walk into school independently wherever possible, and for their parents/carers to use the drop and go system.
If you are one of the parents that park up in the lane, please can we ask that you take your children into school and exit the school lane promptly so that other parents/carers can park. If you need to park at school for an extended time as you need to speak to school staff or other parents, could you please consider parking in the village.
Your co-operation on the matter is greatly appreciated.
Thank you