Road Safety Complaint

Dear Parents/Carers

We have, once again, received a complaint from one of the business users who use Dark Lane. They did have a very valid complaint, as the farm entrance was blocked by a parked car for 15 minutes. We did receive photos of the offending driver but we know this happens almost daily.

May we please ask:

  • Please do not park in the turning area under any circumstances
  • Please do not block or partially block the entrance to the farm lane; large commercial vehicles need to pass this route and, on occasion, emergency vehicles need access
  • Please do not park by the hedge by the cricket pitch

If you park in any of these areas you will jeopardise the safety and access of those who use the lane.

Every school has issues with parking, this is not unique to Sunningwell Primary. However, we are unique as our school is on road which is privately owned, with commercial users who need to access their business.  We are keen that complaints of this type are not escalated to the owner of the road, as parents may lose the option of parking on the lane near the school as a result.

We would really appreciate your help in this matter.