Dark Lane – w/c 10 May

Dear Parents/Carers

The lane will be closed again next week for access.   It is envisaged that it will only be for a week but we will let you know when it is open again.

In the mornings we will operate a ‘stop and drop’ where staff will meet children down the lane.   Please pull into the bottom of the lane when you do this.    Can children be ready with coats on, bags at the ready so that they can just get out of the car quickly so that passing traffic is not held up by a queue of cars waiting to drop off.

At the end of the day, we will bring children to the cricket pitch so that they can be collected.

We have receive complaints from residents (and we have photographs) of parents who had parked on pavements, parked blocking driveways in the village and on the grass verge opposite the entrance of Dark Lane, which is private property.  Where parents had parked on the pavement, it meant that pedestrians including those with pushchairs were forced to walk in the middle of the road to get round parked cars.    Can we please ask you to be considerate when parking in the village.  

If at all possible, please walk or cycle to school or park away from the entrance to Dark Lane.

Hopefully there will be less traffic coming through the village (and for many a better journey to school) as the Wootton road roundabout will be open again this evening.