Dark Lane Access – week commencing 26 April

Dark Lane – No access, Drop and stop arrangements

Dear Parents/Carers

There will be no vehicle access to the the school lane for parents/carers next week due to construction work close by.

We know that Sunningwell is being used by many motorists currently due to the Wootton road closure, so having numbers of parents parking in the village will only add to the congestion.

Each morning we will have a ‘stop and drop’ system at the end of the lane.   Teaching staff will collect children from the end of the lane and bring them into school between 8.40 and 9.00am.   Given the large numbers of cars coming through the village in the mornings, if children can be ready to be dropped off very quickly (bags and coats at the ready!) it would be most helpful so that we do not add to the congestion.

At the end of the day, children will be brought to the end of the cricket pitch at 3.00pm so that parents can collect at the end of the lane, although hopefully it will be less busy through the village at this time.

If at all possible, if you are close enough to walk or cycle to school, it would be appreciated to do so to keep possible vehicle congestion down.   There are cycle racks at school for bikes to be left during the day.

If you are collecting children during other times, such as After School clubs or to take children to appointments, please park in the village and walk up the lane.

It is envisaged that the loss of access will only be for one week.   We will notify you when the lane is available for parking again.

Please email the school office should you have any queries.