Speed Limit on lane – 4mph

Dear Parents/Carers

Can we please remind all car users to keep the speed down on the lane.

It is a private road and at school drop off/pick up times in addition to car users, there are toddlers, school children, walkers and cyclists all sharing the same space.   This situation is far from ideal, but with everyone’s help we can all work to make it safer for all users.

There are also multiple residential driveways and residents also need to use the lane at these times.

Because of these many factors, the speed limit is just 4 miles per hour on the lane, please do your best to keep below this speed on the lane at all times.

We have also been asked by residents that school drivers refrain from parking on the pavement in the village.  We know that the village is being used as a shortcut during the road works so there is much more traffic going through Sunningwell.   It is vital that residents can use the pavements and not have to walk in the road because of cars blocking the pavement.

Your ongoing co-operation in these matters is greatly appreciated.