Covid 19 – School Reopening Arrangements

School Closure – PLEASE READ

Dear Parents/Carers

I am sure that you are now aware that schools will now be closed until further notice with immediate effect.


The school will remain closed until further notice with the exception of Critical workers.

The government has stated that we should STAY AT HOME and to leave our homes for very limited reasons.   Every child who can be, should be cared for at home.  Critical workers should consult their employers to ensure that their role is essential at this time. 

The school will be open for essential care for children of Critical workers and only during the time when they need to be at work to fulfil their essential duties.

The school will remain closed on Tuesday 5th January to all children including those of Critical workers.   We will open our school for Critical Workers on Wednesday 6th January.

We will send out further details on remote learning later this week.    There are resources on the school website (Classes tab and Learning at a Distance tab) that children can access this week and from Monday 11th January learning will be available on Google Classrooms.

We will be contacting all Critical workers on Tuesday 5th and will be asking you to complete another form for childcare this week.   

We cannot stress enough, please carefully consider if your child needs to be in school or if they can be cared for at home.   We will not be providing any ‘after school care’ for Critical Worker children during the time of school closures.

Please do not contact the school by telephone under any circumstances.  Our school staff will be working from home unless they are required to be in classes with Critical Worker children.